Beautiful tourist spots East from Hali

All the tours for ‘Glacier Adventure’ start from Hali, where we have our meeting point.

Hali Country Hotel is the closest hotel to Jökulsárlón – the famous Glacier Lagoon. We love to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, so it’s an ideal location for our tours to start from.


Hali Country Hotel


If you’ve already driven the 385 km/ 239 miles from Reykjavik. I’m sure you will have seen some beautiful sights. The ‘Golden Circle’ area is the most popular place to visit in Iceland, however, that doesn’t mean to say there aren’t more beautiful places to see.

Here are some of our favorite places you can visit as you drive east continuing around the Ring Road. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Now you might have already visited Jökulsárlón, the glacier lagoon, but close to the hotel you’ll find another glacier lagoon, Heinabergslón.


This lagoon is often filled with floating icebergs that have broken off from the Heinabergjökull glacier and is just as beautiful but with fewer tourists!

The Heinaberg area is a part of the Vatnajokull National Park. Within this area, there are numerous hiking trails to explore, so you have a chance to see stunning nature, including waterfalls, steep ravines, and volcanic landscapes.


If you’re really lucky you might even spot some reindeers! 

Distance from Hali hotel: East – 25 km/ 16 miles
Drive time: 18 minutes


Haukafell is east of Fláajökull glacier, where the local forestry planted saplings in 1985. They are now well-established trees. You might have noticed that there aren’t many trees in Iceland, so we are very proud of the ones we have.

This is another popular outdoor area with numerous hiking trails for you to explore.

Distance from hotel: East – 44 km/ 27 miles
Drive time: 44 minutes

Hoffel Hot Tubs

Time for a treat after your ‘Glacier Adventure’ tour. There is a car parking area and 5 individual hot tubs that you can hop into. Take your time and relax whilst enjoying the wonderful scenery. The price is 1000 ISK per person, so be sure to take some change with you.



Distance from Hali hotel: East – 52 km/ 32 miles
Drive time: 38 minutes


A cute little fishing town to stop and explore. There are a few restaurants and cafes to treat yourself after your day on the glacier.


Höfn is known for its varied fishing catches, including langoustine – a type of lobster. If you’re lucky enough to visit in the summer, there’s a Lobster festival held each year in the town.


And the local swimming pool here is particularly good. With multiple pools and even a water slide. If you’re camping it’s a perfect place to stop to take advantage of their hot showers.

Distance from hotel: East – 66 km/ 41 miles
Drive time: 50 minutes



This is a stunning mountain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and part of the headland of Stokksnes. The mountain is 454 meters/ 1,489 feet high providing a great backdrop to capture stunning photographs of this area.


Due to the immense power of the wind and the ocean, the spectacular lava dunes are regularly changing the landscape here. So every time you visit you can capture a new perspective.


Distance from Hali hotel: East – 70 km/ 43 miles
Drive time: 53 minutes

There are many more places to visit around Iceland’s Ring Road, but we hope these few beautiful spots get you started on your ongoing journey.


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Glacier Adventure would like to wish you safe travels on your Iceland adventure.