Blue Ice Cave Tour or Crystal Ice Cave Tour?

What is the difference between the Blue Ice Cave Tour or Crystal Ice Cave Tour? This is our favorite question, and no wonder, when you don’t know better it does look like we have a lot of ice caves and that they are all looking different. This winter, 2019-2020 Glacier Adventure is visiting one very beautiful ice cave, so if you choose the Blue Ice Cave Tour or Crystal Ice Cave Tour we will visit the same ice cave, but now you should read further to find out what tour you should pick. All those photos are taken this season, you can see how different the ice cave can be and it does change so quickly, the weather and what time of the day we visit does also affect the colors in it.

Crystal Blue Ice Cave Adventure Iceland Vatnajökull Glacier Lagoon

What is included in both tours?

  • The meeting point at Hali for all our tours
  • We will visit the same ice cave
  • Equipment offered by Glacier Adventure is crampons, helmet and, headlamp
  • Driving from Hali to the location is about 30-40 minutes
  • Walk from the car park to the ice cave is about 30 minutes
Crystal Blue Ice Cave Adventure Iceland Vatnajökull Glacier Lagoon

Photos Ladislav Skala @buttinthenature

Crystal Ice Cave Tour

Crystal Ice Cave Tour is our easier tour, it does take about 3-4 hours and most people can join this tour. Even though it is easy we need to walk approximately 30-40 minutes on a gravel road to the ice cave, sometimes the weather is nice, sometimes it is rain, snow or wind, or all of this together. So you need to be well dressed, in warm clothes. On this tour we do not walk on the glacier, the ice cave is just at the edge of the glacier so we go inside the ice cave and we stay there for a good amount of time so everyone will have a good opportunity for the perfect photos.

Blue Ice Cave Tour

This tour is more difficult than the Crystal Ice Cave tour, we do visit the same ice cave but we do much more and discover more of the glacier. In this tour, you’ll also hike on the glacier and there is this amazing Blue Ice Tunnel where we will walk through and the colors in it are spectacular. On this tour, we will also see some moulins and some nice spots on the glacier. We do recommend this tour for all who are in good shape, are quite fit and are able to stay outside and walk for about 5 hours, the duration of this tour is about 6-7 hours in pure Icelandic winter weather. This is something that is perfect if you have enough time, like to stay outside and for photographers.

Aurora Hunting after the tour…

When the tour is over and you go back to Hali and our reception, you can sit down, take a good look at your photos from the tour and we offer you some hot drinks and gingerbread cookies or the Icelandic bread kleina. It is a perfect end of a good day. If you’re lucky this is one of the best places to stay at if there are some northern lights, and if you drive for 10 minutes to the Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón and the Diamond beach, this is how your day might look in the evening!

Northern Lights Iceland

All photos were taken by Ladislav Skala @buttinthenature

Any more questions?

We hope that has answered most of your questions about the ice cave tours with Glacier Adventure. However, if there’s still something you’re not sure about please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

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