Hard Ice 2 & 3 Skill Building

Hard Ice 2 & 3 Skill Building

Hard Ice 2 & 3 Course Skill Building

Hard ice 2&3 skill building course is designed for both students who are progressing to Hard Ice 2 or 3 and those who have already taken those courses and want to reinforce their technical knowledge. We will cover technical components like the crevasse rescue using a Micro Traxion or similar, leading successful ice climbing trips, as well as techniques for managing terrain (fixed lines, short pitching, body belays, etc). We will also focus on honing your ice climbing skills so you can better instruct your clients.

Course Details

Course Title: Hard Ice 2 & 3 Skill Building
Duration: Have a look at GA Events
Cost: 75,000ISK
Ratio: 1:6 (minimum 4)
*Check with your union for educational grant

Who is this course for?

Are you an aspiring Jokla 2 or 3 student or have you already finished your Jolka 2 and want to reinforce your skills before you move on to Jokla 3? In this course, we will cover the components of both Jokla 2 and 3 focusing to better prepare you for the AIMG exams.

The following topics are covered:

Efficient and fast crevasse rescue using PCD (Micro Traxion or similar)
Ice Climbing techniques for Guides (A-Frame)
Leading Ice climbing trips (Top Rope and Lowering)
Block and Tackle
Terrain management techniques: Fixed lines, short pitching, body belays

Prerequisites to the course:

It is required that you have already finished AIMG Jolka 1 or our Hard Ice 1 course

Gear Requirements:

When you sign up for the course you will receive a list of required gear. Also, if you are curious about the gear, feel free to send us an email and ask us about it before you sign up. Glacier Adventure can provide gear as well upon request such as crampons, boots, cordelettes, and some other technical gear.


There are many options for accommodation in the area. Glacier Adventure can assist with this if necessary. We recommend Skyrhusid or Guesthouse Hali
*We do not provide Transportation or Food

Why Glacier Adventure?

Our unique ability to provide an indoor training facility, shadowing opportunities for course graduates, as well as Hard Ice instructional videos made by our fully certified AIMG instructors, we are in a position to offer a great return on your investment. Below are a summary of our courses as well as shadowing opportunities:


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Hard Ice Course Iceland AIMG


Hard Ice Course Iceland AIMG


Hard Ice Course Iceland AIMG


Hard Ice Course Iceland AIMG