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Free Guides Ice Climbing Workshop (Vertical / Overhanging Ice / Top Roping + Lowering)

Want to improve your Ice Climbing and get into that vertical / overhanging terrain?
Do you want to be able to set up challenging top roping and lowering ice climbs for clients?
Do you want to learn to coach clients through harder climbs?

So we at Glacier Adventure are at it again with a free workshop. On the 22nd of November we are going to spend the day on the glacier and the focus is CLIMBING.

We recently hosted a free ice climbing workshop for guides after our last Hard Ice 1 and had a wicked fun time. We reviewed the basics and learned how to coach clients and setup solid top roping and lowering scenarios.

1) We will start with reviewing the top roping setup (Hard Ice 1 standard) on a moderate wall and focus on technique.

2) We will then set up a top roping setup on overhung terrain (short overhand bulge) on easier wall and again focus on technique.

3) We will discuss how to use the ATC redirect to both lower and belay clients during a top down climbing scenario.

4) We will set up 2 lines, one in vertical terrain and 1 in overhung terrain for your climbing pleasure.

Overhang / vertical ice climbing does not mean crazy hard Ice, it means your technique has to be on spot-on. The location we will choose will only have short sections of overhang climbing so you will see what it like use the ‘tuck and pull over’ technique.

All of the previous Hard Ice students who attendee the last one were able to climb both the overhand and the vertical, which little to no ice climbing experience.

Ladies and Gents, I will leave you with a famous quote I’ve heard, “If you hit the gnar, the gnar will hit back”. The lesson we take from this is before you hit the Gnar, get that training!

In order to join you will need to have at least AIMG Hard Ice 1

Glacier Adventure Workshops runs sequins training days for Glacier Guides. Follow Hard Ice 1 All You Need To Know on Facebook to see the next workshop.