Traveling to Iceland in Covid times, you have to have few steps in mind as a traveler.

Before Traveling:
You have to fill out a pre-registration form giving contact details and information about your travel dates, as well about previous travels and whether you have any potential symptoms and so on.

The form is available on here.

At the border:
It was initially thought that travellers would be able to present a health certificate to prove they had tested negative for the virus before travelling, but certificates will not be accepted at this point in time.  On arriving at Keflavik airport or Seydisfjordur harbour, you’ll be given two choices:

  1. Complete a PCR-test for COVID-19
  2. Quarantine for two weeks

The Icelandic health authorities and deCODE genetics will be able to test people visiting Iceland according to the Chief Epidemiologist.

Further information is available in the Chief Epidemiologist‘s Information for travellers to Iceland.

COVID-19 – Book Now Pay Later Option

Dear Guest, we understand that COVID-19 makes it very difficult to invest in future travel plans and we at Glacier Adventure want to do our best to help ease that burden. We are rolling on the option that allows our guests to make a booking, via email, which will reserve your spot without the requirement to pay at the time of booking. All you have to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] let us know which tour you would like to attend, what date, time and number of guests. We will email you a payment link for the confirmation deposit 7-10 days before the tour if your plan is on schedule.

Traveling to Iceland in Covid times, Glacier trip

The current situation in Iceland (26th of May):
No new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Iceland yesterday. During the month of May, only six new cases have been confirmed in the country. The total number of cases stands at 1,804. Only three active cases remain, and no COVID-19 patient is hospitalized.

Restrictions have been eased, up to 200 people are allowed to gather at once in Iceland since yesterday, when and bars and fitness centers reopened.

On a press conference earlier in May, Icelandic government announced that no later than June 15, its goal is to give tourists and Icelanders arriving in the country three choices:

  1. staying in quarantine for 14 days
  2. being screened for the novel coronavirus at Keflavík International Airport
  3. or presenting a certificate of recent screening, approved by Icelandic health authorities

In addition, every arriving passenger will be asked to download the  COVID-19 tracing app, Rakning C-19, which helps authorities trace the origin of transmissions. Other requirements will have to be met, which health authorities will present in detail later.

We will try to keep you update on the situation in Iceland.

We hope that our past and future guests and friends are staying safe around the globe.

Team Glacier Adventure