Family Kayaking Adventure


Nothing says summer vacation like a family kayaking trip. Since kayaking doesn’t require a lot of strength it’s the perfect activity for family members of all ages.


Are you planning an adventure vacation in southeast Iceland? A guided kayaking tour is ideal for families and friends of all ages. This is a great way for everyone to enjoy the extraordinary landscape of Iceland, get active, and have lots of fun. This experience will create memories that last a lifetime.


Like all of our tours, it starts from our meeting point, Hali. It is good to be there 15-20 minutes before the tour starts so we have enough time to get appropriately dressed. You will get all the kayak equipment needed, dry suite, life vest, rubber boots, and gloves.

What you need to bring is sunglasses, warm clothing under the dry suit and warm socks. It’s also good to have a thin hat or buff.



From the meeting point, it takes us 10 minutes to walk to the water. The water we are kayaking on is called Breiðarbólstaðarlón.


The tour takes about 2.5-3 hours, 1 hour of that is spent on the water and 1 hour playing on the beach.  We use so-called “sit-on-top” kayaks which are really safe. Our number one priority is people’s safety. Children always take a double kayak with their parents, so if they get tired the parents can paddle for them. This is a good combination, with the children in front and the parents behind, so that they can look and take care of the children.


On the tour, we see a lot of wildlife. Many different birds. If we are lucky we might see seals and whales. We will kayak over to the shore where we will have some time play some games, might go fishing and just enjoy the natural surroundings.



Vacationing in Iceland can be challenging for families and friends, to find activities that all members can enjoy. A guided kayak tour can be a great way to explore the outdoors of Iceland, even if you have children of different ages. Everyone can enjoy the excitement and beauty of this adventure.

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