Hali – Our home

Many of our guests are curious about Hali, our meeting point.

Glacier Adventure is owned and run by two local families from Hali, 12 km east of Glacier Lagoon – Jökulsárlón

The farm Hali in Suðursveit is half way between Höfn and Skaftafell in south-east Iceland. In the olden days, the farm was very isolated. Many glacial rivers in the south of the country were not bridged until after the mid-twentieth century.

Hali is known for a great storytelling tradition. The surroundings of Hali are breathtaking with Steinafjall mountain towering above and the endless ocean below.

View over Hali from Steinafjall mountain. We can also see Glacier Lagoon and Öræfajökull.

The majestic Öræfajökull makes the surroundings even more magnificent.

Sunset. Öræfajökull and Fellsfjall


Seen from Hali

Þórbergur Þórðarson, one of the most significant writers in Iceland in the twentieth century, was born and raised in Hali. His work has immortalised Suðursveit and the history of the residents at Hali.

Þórbergur Þórðarson


Þorbjörg and Fjölnir, Vésteinn parents opened Þórbergssetur in 2006. This is a culture centre where varies exhibitions linked to the history of Suðursveit and the life and work of Þórbergur are set up. In Þórbergssetur you can find Hali Country Hotel reception, restroom facilities, souvenir shop, restaurant and it also our meeting point.

Þórbergssetur. Hali Country Hotel reception. Glacier Adventure meeting point


In Hali, there has been guesthouse since 2005 then with 5 rooms, now in 2017 they have 35 rooms in three houses.

Hali Country Hotel


Almost all houses in Hala are heated up with geothermal water.

Working on getting the hot water to the houses


Currently, there are 35 cows owned by Steinþór and Ólöf, Berglind´s parents and 120 sheep on the farm. There can also be found an extensive aquaculture, foremost with the farming of arctic char.


Enjoying life in the countryside


The cows have the best view


Our family has lived in Hali since 1860. Fjölnir Torfason and Steinþór Torfason are now the fifth generations living on the farm with their families.

Vésteinn´s and Berglind´s grandmother, Ingibjörg Zophoníasardóttir was born in North Iceland in 1923 and she and her husband Torfi had 10 children, 9 of them are alive. Torfi passed away in 2001. Ingibjörg still has her house in Hali and lives there every summer.

Ingibjörg walking in Hali with Vésteinn her grandson and her great-grandson

She has now over 100 descendants.

Ingibjörg with her great grandchildren


The knowledge of the amazing surroundings, the weather, the sea, the glaciers and the wonders of the wild nature remains with the people in Suðursveit. We want to preserve this knowledge and pass it on to next generations.

Ingibjörg´s house in Hali


Hopefully we´ll see you soon 😊

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