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Private Puffin Photo Session

In all our trips to Ingólfshöfði, we spend some time watching and photographing the birds. However, some people come with very advanced and heavy camera equipment and need more time to work with their gear. Therefore we offer special departures for photographers at 6:45 in the morning in June/July/August 1-3 times a week. The maximum number of people on each trip is 12 persons. We concentrate on bird photography on this trip, so we don´t spend any time on history and normal sightseeing like on our Ingólfshöfði Puffin Tour.

To get to Ingólfshöfði we cross 6 km of waters, marshes, and sands in a tractor-drawn hay cart. The drive takes about 25-30 minutes each way, so we spend about 2 hours hiking around the cape. The circle we hike around the nature reserve is about 2 1/2 km long. In the beginning, we need to walk up a steep sand slope, and then through rocky terrain, but then it gets more easy, mostly hiking on flat grassland. We don’t recommend that people participate in this trip unless they can do this hike.

Be careful, we might close or move some of the bookable days if nobody has booked that departure when the time draws near, depending on vacation for our staff or how busy or normal Ingólfshöfði Puffin Tour is. So book sooner than later to make sure the trip will be available.

Please note: in our trips to Ingólfshöfði we are careful not to disturb the birds for a too long time, and to make sure that the birds can continue to tend to their chicks or eggs, we never spend a long time close to their nests. It is easy to forget the time when you are making beautiful photographs, so we ask for good cooperation from every client we take to Ingólfshöfði Nature Reserve. The rule we use is that all the photographers stay in view of the guide the whole time, and when we ask the group to move from one side of the cape to the other, everyone comes with us.


In the earlier part of the summer, there are about 130 pairs of great skuas nesting on the cape and they need to keep their eggs warm (or their small chicks) so it is not good to stay too long in one place if there are nests nearby. Later in summer, the puffins are busy bringing fish to the burrow, and we suggest that you don’t photograph the same puffin standing in front of you with fish in its beak for too long, after a while you better back away and allow the bird to enter its burrow, where the chick is waiting for its breakfast 🙂

Tour Details

  • -Season: early June-mid August
  • -Departure times: 6:45 AM on Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings
  • -Focused on photography only
  • -99% chances to photograph puffins from mid June - early August
  • -Max 12 people on open departure
  • -Bigger group possible if one group books the whole departure before hand

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