Our reception – Hali

Glacier Adventure is a small family-run company. Our company revolves around Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull. All of our tours are operated on and in the glacier.

Our meeting point is at Hali, near Jökulsárlón. It is only 12km east of the Glacier Lagoon, near Jökulsárlón and 65km west of Höfn, the famous lobster town of Iceland. At Hali, we have a hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, and even a museum.


Iceland Glacier Lagoon



The old barn used to house about 100 cattle and cows, of which 30 used to be milked there. Not only did we have cows and cattle, but we had sheep and lamb. It was basically a small farm.
We still have the sheep and lamb but in another barn 😉

Hali Country Hotel




Hali Country Hotel


This is Steinþór, he is the fifth generation that has lived in Hali. He used to take care of the farm. Now he takes care of the tourist that come to visit us.


Glacier Adventure meeting point Hali

At our meeting point, we have enough parking space, we have a toilet and a cozy coffee/tea corner. We also sell some snacks, if you maybe forgot food for the tour, even gloves, and socks. If you don’t have the right hiking boots with you, you can rent a pair with us for 1000 ISK per person.


As previously mentioned, there is both a hotel and a guesthouse at Hali. It is a place where you can easily spend 2 nights and enjoy many sights from there.

Beautiful tourist spots west of Hali 

Beautiful tourist spots east of Hali 


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