Restaurants in Höfn

Our guests often ask us what restaurants we recommend in Höfn. We have listed them all up for you.

Höfn is a small fishing town in south-east Iceland, only 45 minutes drive from Hali. Although it´s a small town it has many excellent restaurants.


The name Höfn means harbor. Höfn is surrounded by the ocean on 3 sides.

Vestrahorn mountain and the fishing town Höfn


Höfn also has a stunning view over mountains and many of Vatnajökull´s outlet glaciers.

The glacier view from the town – Skálafellsfjökull, Heinabergsjökull, Fláajökull, and Hoffellsjökull

The population including the surrounding country is about 2.400 people.


Pakkhús – Restaurant by the harbour

Pakkhús is a restaurant overlooking the harbour and it´s located just beside the information center in town. The menu emphasizes on local ingredients from the area around the Vatnajökull Region.
On the 2nd floor is the restaurant which takes 60-100 people seating. On the 1st floor is a comfortable waiting area and a bar.

On the menu are local ingredients like langoustine, langoustine soup, lamb, salted cod, duck & pork, and langoustine pizza. See the menu here.

Pakkhús restaurant


Íshúsið Pizzeria – By the harbour

Íshúsið Pizzeria is located near the harbour. The pizzeria emphasizes on thin stone baked pizzas using high-quality ingredients.

Íshúsið offers all the best that Höfn has to offer, hospitality, delicious food and nice atmosphere in a beautiful surrounding. See the menu here.

Íshúsið Pizzeria


Humarhöfnin – Gastronomy Langoustine

Humarhöfnin offer service to both groups and individuals. On the ground floor, they have tables for 60 persons in an open spacious room and on the top floor they have room for 30 persons or if you like some privacy they have the Boardroom seating for approximately 12 persons.

Humarhöfnin specializes in courses made from local food but with the main emphasis on lobster/langoustine. See the menu here.




Z-Bistro is a restaurant in a walking distance from the harbour. They offer breakfast from 08:00-10:00, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee. On the menu they have, pizzas, lobster, burgers, fish and steaks. They also have children’s menu.

Z Bistro – Lobster Pizza



Kaffi Hornið brings the best local ingredients to the table right on Höfn’s main road sits Kaffi Hornið, where you can find seafood brought straight from sea to the table and a tempting selection of dishes from filling plates of lamb to salads topped with chicken or lobster. Soup is served daily with homemade bread and a salad bar is open for guests who want a small but filling lunch.

The menu is large, with sea food and local specialities like lamb and beef featuring prominently, although vegetarians are not left out as a dish of pan-fried chickpea cutlets remains one of the more popular dishes. This restaurant and café, with airy cathedral ceilings and ample seating for guests, has been successful since opening in 1999, alternating as a restaurant, cafe, and bar.



Hótel Höfn – Ósinn restaurant

Hótel Höfn was founded in the year 1966 and is one of the better-established hotels in the country with a breathtaking view over the magnificent glaciers, the circle of mountains and the fjord.

The dining room on the second floor can seat around 100 people and restaurant Ósinn can seat up to 50.

Hótel Höfn – Ósinn restaurant



A small old school diner. Serves hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches and English breakfast. Cheap food right by the harbour.



If you are heading to Höfn and you visit any of the restaurants we hope you will be super happy.


We also have a very nice restaurant at our meeting point.


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