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What to wear on the glacier?

Glacier hike and Snowmobile Tour and glacier tour

Are you asking yourself what to wear on the glacier ? Getting ready and packing for that long awaited Iceland trip can definitely be a challenge. This is due to our unique weather patterns where you can experience Icelandic spring conditions, and hours later, heavy snow. It’s a common mistake to leave your  rain gear… Read more »

Blue Ice Cave Tour or Crystal Ice Cave Tour?

Íshellaferðir og jöklaganga

What is the difference between the Blue Ice Cave Tour or Crystal Ice Cave Tour? This is our favorite question, and no wonder, when you don’t know better it does look like we have a lot of ice caves and that they are all looking different. The only difference is that the Blue Ice cave… Read more »

Hiking a glacier in Iceland – All you need to know

Glacier hike and Snowmobile Tour and glacier tour

  Walking on a glacier isn’t an activity most of our visitors have ever done before visiting Iceland. There are only a few in the world and Iceland is lucky enough to have Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull.   Our ‘Glacier Walk’ is a very popular activity for tourists visiting during the summer months. Where we… Read more »

The Unicorns of the Sky: The Northern Lights

Northern Lights Iceland How to Take a picturea

The illusive Northern Lights, one of the most sought after experiences in Iceland, yet many of those daring souls who have braved Iceland’s winter for a glimpse at this hypnotic phenomena have been denied entry into this selective club, that is, those who have seen Aurora Borealis.  Now seeing the Northern Lights is one thing… Read more »

Ice Caves in Iceland – all you need to know

Blue Ice Cave Adventure Iceland Vatnajökull Glacier Lagoon

At Glacier Adventure, we offer some wonderful ice cave tours. But if this is an activity you’ve not done before you might have some questions. Here are our most common questions and answers for our Ice Caves tours. From when to book, how to stay safe and what to wear. 1. Can you explore the… Read more »

Crystal Ice Cave Adventure

Íshellaferð með Glacier Adventure

It‘s starting again! This year we have found a new ice cave and even earlier than usual. After scouting the area our guides found this super beautiful blue ice cave.   Iceland’s incredible glacier ice caves move or completely disappear with the shifting ice sheet each year. In the area where we found the new… Read more »

Blue Ice Cave Adventure

Glacier Walk Ice Cave Vatnajökull Glacier Lagoon Blue Treasure Cave

Who hasn’t dreamt about being on a glacier? What about going underneath one? Well this is the best opportunity to try both of those things! We offer a tour to visit the unbelievable natural blue ice cave that you have probably seen on many pictures. This ice cave has many different names. Some call it… Read more »

The Illusive Summer Ice Cave

Crystal Ice Cave Adventure Iceland Travel

As many know the ice caves in Iceland are just breathtaking and, understandably, they are one of the main reasons to visit Iceland. Many people wonder if it is possible to see ice caves in Iceland in the summer months, heck we have gotten couple dozen emails about it. The answer is complicated, but before… Read more »

Ice Climbing on Vatnajökull

Ice climbing workshops

Ever imagined climbing a glacier? It might sound intimidating and the equipment used might scare you, but actually, there is nothing to fear. Everyone can participate in our ice climbing tour and there is no need to have experience. Our tours are in small groups so it is easy to adjust them to everybody’s capabilities. The ratio… Read more »

The famous Glacier Lagoon – Jökulsárlón

Iceland Glacier Lagoon

It’s safe to say that the majority of people who intend to come to Iceland know of the Glacier Lagoon (Jökulsárlón), but for that small percentage who do not, it’s your lucky day because we are here to fill you in. The Glacier Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most visited places, and is just ten… Read more »