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Glacier Adventure Expedition School in Iceland

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Glacier Adventure Expedition School in IcelandWe understand that COVID – 19 makes it very difficult to invest in future travel plans and we at Glacier Adventure want to do our best to help ease that burden. To book a tour all you need to dosend e-mail to [email protected] let us know which tour you would like to attend, what date, time and number of guests. When you arrive at our meeting point in Hali you would pay for the tour. 

When you join our Expedition School, you are getting the best adventure Iceland can offer. There are so many exciting activities and learning opportunities, it takes 4 days to fit them all in.

From Glaciers to Mountains, we have you covered. The goal of the school is not only to take you on some amazing adventures but also to give you a very strong skill set. The 3rd day will be a student lead day on the Ice and you will decide where we go and what we do.

On the first day, we will begin with an Adventure tour, taking you to some exciting climbing spots. Here, we will spend the day learning good ice climbing technique, how to use your ice axes and crampons. We will end the day with a discussion in the barn about our skills learned and the schedule for the next few days.

Our second day will be a day of skill building in our indoor training facility. You will learn how to ascend (go up) and rappel (go down) a rope as well as how to lower and pull a person up during an ice climb. This will be a full day of learning so come prepared. We will have a group BBQ at the end of the day.

Our third day will be a student lead expedition. We will drive to the glacier and under the guidance of our guide, you will decide what we do. If you want to rappel into some vertical ice cave or do some hard ice climbing, it’s up to you. This is the day you put your skills into action. When we return we will relax and finish the day with a movie screening in our training facility.

Our fourth day is a day in the mountains. We will wake up early and drive up to 800 meters. We will then start our push to ascend a technical peak called Vestri Hnappur (West Button) 1851m. The round trip adventure should take about 10 hours.

There will be a 5th optional day which will be available to further build your skills. During this day we can do another student lead expedition. We could also spend more time in the training facility to do some skill building.

  • Glacier Adventure, Expedition School, Iceland
  • Glacier Adventure, Expedition School, Iceland
  • Glacier Adventure, Expedition School, Iceland
  • Glacier Adventure, Expedition School, Iceland

Availability:  Please see calendar
Meeting point:  Glacier Adventure at Hali
Area:  South East Iceland
Duration:  8-10 hours per day / 4 days
Optional:  5th Day
Type:  Full day expedition training
Difficulty level:  Moderate to Difficult
Group min:  2 persons
Group max:  6 persons


– Crampons, harness, helmet, ice axe, full-stiff boots
– Instruction from AIMG fully certified glacier and mountain guide
– Transportation to and from glacier and mountains


– We highly suggest you bring your own shoes for the 10 hour alpine tour. It’s important that they fit you very well and are broken in.
– You must have good clothes and many layers for both top and bottom. Top layering: base layer, synthetic top, mid weight layer, rain layer, puffy outer layer. Bottom layering: base layer, synthetic pants, rain pants
– Thin hat, multiple pairs of gloves (both think, medium and thin) as well as face cover and ski goggles. *Upon booking tour you will get a more detailed gear list


Good to have in mind

– Make sure to arrive at the meeting point early each day of the tour so we can gear up
– We recommend you to stay somewhere close to Hali the night before a morning tour. You can find accommodation suggestions under useful information on our home page.
– You can find useful information about the weather at www.vedur.is and the road conditions at www.road.is


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