Mountaineering Adventure – Alpine trekking


Mountaineering Adventure - Alpine trekking


Private alpine trekking tour to our hidden gems, they are one of the most challenging and beautiful alpine trekking routes in Iceland.  These routes are only known by the locals and you can truly say that you will find few of the most untouched places on planet earth in these tours.  You will have the chance of choosing the peak that meets your requirements with your guide.  The peak that will be chosen every time will suit the ability of the group and natural conditions due to safety.

We have about twenty peaks that are on every ambitious icelandic mountain trekker´s list of the 100 highest summits of Iceland, and many more that are rarely visited.

The climb it self starts at around 50-100 m in elevation so the elevation gain to the top is around 1.000 -2.000  vertical metres (depending on the height of the peak) and the total distance during the day is usually around 15-25 km . The classic and most popular route to the top of the peaks is usually taken, starting at the foot of each mountain.  Most of these summits are located in the edge of the Vatnajökull ice cap so often we have to rope up and hike on the snow-covered glacier to get safely all the way to the top.

Despite having different elevation these summits are simmilar in difficulty. They require good fitness and total length of around 15-25 km over the day.

Here we name some of the summits that are suitable for this tour, Sveinstindur (2044),  Þverártindsegg (1550 m), Birnudalstindur ( 1326 m), Vörðutindur (1057 m), Klifatindur (889 m) and Grasgiljatindar (1260 m).

Note there is a meeting with your guide at 18:00 the day before the climb.


These peaks are part of an old mountain ridge, which was formed on early stages of Iceland formation when the two tectonic plates move apart and we have lava filling in the gap.  These mountains have been molded when fire and ice work together as a team to create an amazing nature which you only can find in our are in the south east.  The glaciers have been crawling from the ice cap creating valleys and forming lagoons in the weak low land.

These mountains are  located in the southern part of the Vatnajökull ice cap and on a good day the view over the ice cap and its southern edge is magnificent.

Climbing these mountains has for years been a challenge for very few mountain hikers in Iceland, due to its steep slopes and amazing view.

Despite its low elevation getting to the top of the mountain can be tricky due to the ever changing Icelandic weather and  the fact that often, most of the route is covered by a glacier.

What kind of fitness is needed for the climb?

First of all being able to hike up 1500-2000 m (depending on the peak) in height and back down, add to that the total length of the tour, 15-25 km. This is not recommended as a first mountain hike.

The day before the climb there is a meeting at 18:00 with your guide. On the meeting the guides goes over the weather forecast for the day, the route and give you the equipment needed for the trip

Best way to enjoy the climb is to train. Train your cardio, and do mountain hikes in preparation for the climb. Doing mountain hikes is a key thing to train your muscles for the big day.

For booking and more information please send us an email to

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Availability: 1st of May to 10th of September
Minimum age: 16 years old
Meeting point: Hali Country Hotel reception
Area: South East Iceland
Type: Full day-tour
Duration: 10 – 16 hours
Distance: 15-20 km
Elevation gain: 1000-2000 m
Difficulty: Difficult
Group min: 1 person
Group max: 6 people
Departure: Early morning (Around 06:00)

Needed equipment

  • Waterproof mountaineering boots with good ankle support and possible to use with crampons.  
  • 2 pairs of woolen socks.
  • Hiking pole
  • Base layer pants (wool or synthetic)
  • Light, breathable hiking pants, wind resistant and fast drying recommended
  • Base layer long sleeve shirt (wool or synthetic)
  • Thin fleece or wool sweater
  • Thick warm fleece, or lightweight puffy jacket down or synthetic, to use in breaks and on cold days.
  • Wind and waterproof jacket (Gore-tex or equivalent)
  • Wind and waterproof trousers (Gore-tex or equivalent)
  • Warm hat/beanie that might work under a helmet. Note beanies with pompom are not recommended since the pompom does not go under the helmet.
  • Balaclava, neck gaiter or woolen buff
  • 1 pair of warm wind and waterproof gloves or mittens
  • 1 pair of thinner gloves,
  • Backpack 30-45 L
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Sunscreen
  • 1,5-3L af of liquid and energy rich lunch pack for 12-16 hour day
  • Ski googles (on cold days)


  • Phone
  • Waterproof case or bag for the phone.
  • Lightweigth waterproof camera.
  • Extra hiking pole
  • GPS device
  • Local certified AIMG Alpine Trekking Guide  
  • Transport from Hali
  • Technical glacier travel gear and ropes, such as:
    • Crampons
    • Helmet
    • Harness
    • Ice axe
    • Snow shoes (if needed)

71.200 ISK for 1 climber
63.200 ISK for 2 climbers
50.400 ISK for 3 climbers
42.800 ISK for 4 climbers
39.200 ISK for 5 climbers
32.800 ISK for 6 climbers


  • There is a meeting with your guide at 18:00 at Hail Country hotel reception
  • This is a physically demanding tour so please show up prepared.
  • We recommend you to stay somewhere in the area from Skaftafell to Hali the night before the tour and the night after the tour. You can find accommodation suggestion under useful information on our front page
  • You can find useful information about the weather at and the road conditions at

Disclaimer: All glacier trips are undertaken at the responsibility of participants. Glacier Adventure does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions.


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