What to wear on the glacier?

Are you asking yourself what to wear on the glacier ? Getting ready and packing for that long awaited Iceland trip can definitely be a challenge. This is due to our unique weather patterns where you can experience Icelandic spring conditions, and hours later, heavy snow. It’s a common mistake to leave your  rain gear at home but pack your summer clothes; for your Icelandic adventure, its best to pack both😉 Actually when walking on the glacier in the summer and winter we do wear very similar clothes, in the winter your base layer should be wool or synthetic.

Iceland glacier

Iceland glacier

  • We provide crampons, without them, it would be dangerous, extremely hard or even impossible to walk on the glacier.
  • Ice axe, an extra point on the glacier.
  • Harness and helmet for your security.

How cold is it at the glacier?

The temperature on the glacier is usually 3-4 degrees colder than the temperature at our meeting point at Hali.  The weather in Iceland can change extremely fast so we always recommend you wear at least 3 layers of clothing and take them off if you get too warm. That´s why we highly recommend layers.

Glacier Walk Iceland Vatnajökull, Iceland glaciers

What not to wear on the glacier:

Demin Jeans are not recommended for our trips as they get very heavy, cold and unpleasant to wear when wet.


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