Glaciers & Climate


Education Center

A collaboration between Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður, Þekkingarsetrið Nýheimar, and Glacier Adventure

The experience

The shifting balance in the land of fire and ice

Visiting Iceland is unique thanks to our dynamic – ever-changing – landscape. At Glacier Adventure, we feel it is important that people coming to visit understand as well as experience this unique and dynamic place. Iceland is constantly going through changes, from erupting volcanoes, and shifting tectonic plates, to moving glaciers.

These changes have big impacts on our land and way of life as well as the globe. Some of these changes are happening at an unprecedented pace. Glaciers in Iceland are receding rapidly due to climate change. We created the “Glaciers and Climate” project to educate those visiting or interested in Iceland on the impacts of our changing ice. Below you can find incredible resources to learn and engage.

Vatnajökull National Park Melting Glaciers


Detailed and engaging information about the status of glaciers and their wide-reaching impacts in Vatnajökull National Park.

New space

Introducing the Glaciers & Climate Center in Hali

Glacier Adventure is working to create a space where people can come and learn, work, and present projects at the epicenter of our changing landscape. Watch the video to learn more.