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Ice Cave tour in Vatnajökull

At the moment the usual ice cave that we visit on this tour, often named Crystal Ice Cave is inaccessible because it is full of water and no one can go inside this ice cave. Instead, we are doing a different adventure tour that is called Glacier Adventure Winter Tour, check it out here:

Includes Super Jeep ride with a glacier trained guide

In this family friendly ice cave tour, you will experience natural unique ice caves in the wonders of Vatnajökull glacier. The tour is intended for those who want to visit an ice cave, get great photo opportunities and an unforgettable experience. Guided by a local guide that will take you through the region’s history from settlement until today.

Ice Cave Adventure tour is easy, we only have to walk for 10-30 minutes to and from the ice cave, our group size is 12 people. The tour can take between 2,5 – 3,5 hours, of which 30 – 40 minutes are spent in the cave.

The age limit is 14 years old.

Please note! We will not be the only group visiting the ice cave. This has become an incredibly popular winter activity in Iceland.  Other tour companies bring guests to visit the cave which can cause it to be crowded. Please expect to share the cave with additional groups.
For photographers, we recommend our Blue Ice Cave Adventure tour.

Each autumn, Glacier Adventure goes for an ice cave hunt to use for adventures during the coming winter. Ice caves are formed by Mother Nature and therefore weather dependent. Some caves have to have temperature below zero, or no rainy days before our visit. In this tour we visit one ice cave and we always choose the best cave available according to safety and weather condition. This will affect both driving and walking time of the tour. Driving to the location can take 35-45 minutes and the walk to the ice cave can take from 5 to 15 minutes. You should have in mind that the walking is always in the pure Icelandic nature on gravel and rough terrain.

  • Crystal Cave 2017/2018
  • Crystal Cave 2016/2017
  • Crystal Cave 2016/2017
  • Crystal Cave 2017/2018


    Appropriate footwear and suitable outdoor clothing must be worn at all times. Glacier Adventure reserves the rights to refuse participation if not correctly equipped since this will put the clients at risk. In case of refusal, refund will not be possible. 
  • – Hiking boots
  • – Good clothing based on weather. 3 layers on top: base layer, light sweater like fleece and water or windproof top. Light warm pants and waterproof if needed.
  • – Thin hat and gloves


  • – Helmet, crampons and headlamp if needed
  • – Guided tour with a local guide

– One hiking pole.
– An extra layer of clothes.
– Phone for taking good photos!
– Hand warmers

Good to have in mind

  • Be at our meeting point 20 minutes before departure time
  • Glacier Adventure can´t guarantee to be the only tour company visiting the ice cave during our tour.
  • Driving in Iceland in the winter time can take much longer than during the summer. We recommend you to stay somewhere close to Hali the night before a tour. Here you can find accommodation suggestion.
  • You can find useful information about the weather at and the road conditions at

Ice Cave tours are weather dependent. Sometimes Ice Cave tours get cancelled with short notice due to safety or weather reasons. After a heavy rain previous days before the tour, the cave sometimes get´s full of water. It can also be too warm for us to enter the caves, the ice can be unstable and not safe to go under. If that happens, we usually have other options if the weather allows, Super Jeep and Glacier Explore, where we drive to the glacier edge and explore the glacier tongue with many amazing picture moments. You can read about the tour here. This tour we offer for a lower price. If you don´t want to take the Jeep tour we can also give you a 100% refund.   Disclaimer: Glacier trips are undertaken at the responsibility of participants. Glacier Adventure does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by it´s customers or can be traced to their own actions.


  • Crystal Cave 2016/2017
  • Northern Light Cave 2014/2015
  • Northern Light Cave 2014/2015
  • Ice Cave / Ice tunnel
  • Northern Light Cave 2014/2015
  • Northern Light Cave 2014/2015
  • Crystal Cave 2015/2016
  • Northern Light Cave 2014/2015
  • Northern Light Cave 2014/2015
  • Northern Light Cave 2014/2015
  • Crystal Cave 2015/2016
  • Crystal Cave 2015/2016

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